Splinterlands is a battle arena game where players are matched against each other based on ladder ranking and fight it with their customized deck based on match rules.

As soon as players are matched up for a battle a rule set is introduced which limits the cards that are available to be played in that particular match. Once both sides finalize their teams the match begins. The results of the match are determined immediately but players are able to see the card mechanics in action as the two teams battle against each others monsters.

winners earn XP to climb the latter, as well as in-game currency known and DEC.

Splinterlands cards belong to one of 6 splinters known as Water, Earth, Fire, Death, Light, and Dragon. Each splinter has some specializations in terms of defense and offensive output and a number of other fun mechanics that need to be taken into consideration. The player to first eliminate all of their opponents cards from a match is declared the winner and is awarded XP to climb the ranked latter as well as in-game currency known and DEC [Dark Energy Crystals].

DEC can in turn be used to purchase booster packs and cards off the market, or sold for other cryptocurrencies on the Hive-Engine DEX such as HIVE.

Website: https://splinterlands.com

Release Date: June, 2018

Lead Developer: @yabapmatt @aggroed

Category: TCG Battle Arena