Splinterlands Adds WAX Cloud Wallet Login

Splinterlands has quietly announced the integration of the WAX Blockchain Cloud Wallet.

I mean it was literally buried in a flurry of other news and updates. This is great news for those holding WAX with an all access cloud wallet as you can now enjoy the #1 blockchain game on the planet without having to create an additional blockchain account!

The WAX blockchain is a DPOS chain and successor to EOS, purpose built for NFT’s, and featuring a 0.5 second block production time.

WAX has an all-star advisory counsel that includes: Rich Widmann, Google, Peter DeBenedictis, Microsoft, Jay Ong, Marvel, and Frederic Chesnais, of Atari just to name a few.

Splinterlands is demonstrating the importance of multi chain connectivity, an emerging trend in blockchain gaming.