Rising Star Game: Rare Card or Better in Every Pack!

In a fun move to encourage players to purchase packs of cards, hive blockchain game Rising Star now guarantees a rare card or better in every pack.

The excitement of opening packs is palpable, what new cards will you pull, will you snag that rare or epic card that you’ve looking for? Opening packs will always be one of the most fun elements of any collectible card game. It’s quite possible that blockchain gaming has brought this to a whole new level now that digital assets come with real ownership and can be traded on open decentralized markets! This is the power of hive blockchain gaming.


Rising Star has announced that all packs will now include a rare or better in every pack, great news for players that have been following the game and collecting cards. Rising Star is still relatively new but has been doing tremendous work to build out their game, adding new gaming elements and ironing out any kinks along the way. Now with a solid foundation taking shape we look forward to the introduction of new collectible game cards, it was only a matter of time.

hive blockchain gaming rising star

Rising Star Game represents one of the most active development projects in the hive blockchain gaming space. At present time the game features 7 playable missions, a PvP battle of the bands mode, ability to collect musical instruments and new bands members, and ability to earn cryptocurrency in the form of STARBITS.

Learn more about hive blockchain game rising star in our post here, or visit the rising star game today and get your music career off the ground. What are you waiting for?