Rising Star Game: New Special Missions Added

Rising Star Game has introduced special missions that allow you to earn alt coins!

Special missions are unique one off passive missions that are completely separate from the regular local gig circuit. Presently there are 5 special missions that give players the opportunity to earn/mine hive-engine alt coins including BATTLE, GIFT, PIXEL, and ATOM. Hive-Engine is a Hive side chain that hosts a variety of second layer coins built on top of the Hive blockchain. Many Hive blockchain games feature second layer coins build on the Hive-engine side chain.

For example the Battlegames Friday Gig is a passive mission requiring:

  • 65% energy
  • a fan base of 10
  • a level 1 account
  • 30 minutes to complete.

For 30 minutes of work players are payed 100 BATTLE tokens.

Rising Star digital assets can be purchased on the in-game market using BATTLE.

It’s true! Have a look at the market and you’ll find a variety of NFT assets for purchases, some of them for BATTLE tokens. Rising Star digital assets are NFT’s (non fungible tokens), which means they are unique and are players owned in your wallet behind your keys, true asset ownership. This also means once you’re finished with them you can always sell them to another player on the market.

That’s it for now, if you haven’t started playing Rising Star Game it’s never too late!