Holybread is a Free to Play RPG with questing and a PvP battle arena on the Hive Blockchain.

New players start with 1 Hero slot available and are able to choose from either mage, archer or warrior class, and may choose a gender as well.

Completing quests earns XP, Gold, and in-game currency with a small chance that a piece of gear drops. Competing in arena allows players to climb the latter ranks which in turn earns you a share of the rewards pool.

in-game items can be bought and sold on the games market for cryptocurrency!

If you’re lucky enough to score a gear drop, that gear collected in-game can then be bought and sold on the games market for cryptocurrency. That’s ofcourse if you don’t plan to equip it on your hero! As players earn gold they are able to trade it in to level up skills of their choice.

Primary skills are Dexterity, Constitution, Luck, Intelligence, and Strength. Gear that is equipped also provides a stat increase to one or more of these skills.

In May 2020 Holybread was purchased from it’s original developers and has undergone a an overhaul of it’s economy, the addition of new hero, improved communications through in-game messaging, and a new expansion in the works for summer 2020.

Website: https://holybread.io

Release Date: January 2020

Lead Developer: @simplegame

Category: Idle | RPG | PvP