Holybread Transition to Hive Blockchain Complete

The Holybread dev team and gaming community are celebrating a crucial step forward as they have announced that their transition to the Hive blockchain is officially complete.

Along with the transition to the Hive blockchain, the Holybread team has been hard at work re-tooling their in-game economy in an effort to solidify it’s foundation for long term sustainability.

Recent updates include the elimination of their in-game currency known as breadcrumbs, in it’s place their othor in-game currency gold will play a more significant role in player rewards. Gold can be used to level up hero skills, purchase new gear from in-game NPC vendor, and purchase potions for temporary stat boosts.

They’ve really made an effort to simplify in-game mechanics by going to a two currency system where previously they had three [Bread, Breadcrumbs, Gold]. Gold now has more in-game utility than ever before. Gold is earned primarily by completing quests.

Bread remains as the primary fiat gateway. Players can purchase Bread at the bakery which gives access to a variety of special in-game perks.

These perks include reducing cool down time between quests and arena battles, and the recruitment of new hero’s.

Congrats to the Holybread community, the development team is working hard to position the game for success knocking off a number of quick but significant wins in a short period of time.

In following along with the updates from the dev team we know this is just the beginning, stay tunes for more good news to come.