Hive Slot Games

Hive Slot Games is a Hive blockchain gaming site that allows users to gamble with HIVE tokens. The gaming site is actually much more than just slots as it features roulette, poker, blackjack, slots, and dice.

One of the key features of Hive Slot Games is that it’s randomness is guaranteed by a library providing cryptographically encrypted grain, and an algorithm that encrypts data to a generator in such a way that it’s not dependent on time and date. This is according to the sites policy on fairness.

They even go as far as to give you a script you can run that will access their database and allow you to extract game statistics so you can crunch the numbers and see fairness in action.

Hive Slot Games requires the player to deposit HIVE tokens into the game through the use of a wallet such as Hive Keychain, a chrome browser extension wallet. Deposits and withdrawals happen almost instantaneously, with the remainder of transaction not written to the Hive blockchain. This is their solution to keep the game quick and with a good player flow.

The Hive blockchain is fast, with a new block produced every 3 seconds. But by limiting the amount of data being written to the chain you ensure a smooth player experience, with the added benefit of financial deposit and withdrawal transactions being recorded on a public ledger.


Release Date: May 2020

Lead Developer: @hiveslotgames

Category: Gambling | Investing