Hive Roller is a provably fair dice game featuring a 1% house edge that pits gamblers against a truly random number generator in a game of guessing if the number is higher or lower than the user specified number.

The game also features the ability for anyone holding HIVE to invest in the bankroll, allowing nearly certain long term investment profit due to the house edge coupled with the law of large numbers based on continuous bets.

Offering payouts as high as 99,000x

How Much Can I Win Per Roll? Offering payouts as high as 99,000x a gamblers bet will make massive payouts possible and an open bankroll shall ensure a huge maximum profit. The maximum payout per a roll is displayed at the top of the site beside the logo and is based on the invested bankroll.


Release Date: March 2020

Lead Developer: @klye

Category: Gambling | Investing