Football GM Simulator RABONA Coming to the Hive Blockchain

Word on the street is that a new Football GM simulator game will be landing on the Hive Blockchain in the next few weeks.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this exciting new game that’s in development. A sports GM simulator is a first of it’s kind for the Hive blockchain, and should compliment the existing offerings nicely. As the new game approaches it’s Beta testing phase the team had this to say about the latest updates to be implemented and the progress being made.

We are pretty much finished with the backend code, which will go live in phase 1.0. Automatic reward payouts have been implemented, training, different tactical formations are all implemented.

Rabona is being touted as an addictive soccer-club-simulation game. When you’re able to virtually manage a business even at the micro level, and earn real life rewards, we can see how this could be addictive as players compete to assemble the best football club possible.

It’s not easy being a General Manager of a football club, or any business for that matter. You’ve got an operation to manage, staff to hire and fire, and a roster of talent that needs to be developed and retained. We found this YouTube video offering a sneak peak at the Rabna football manager UI.

If you’re not yet playing games on the Hive blockchain you should check out our article on How to create a free Hive account to help get you started.

We’ll see you on the soccer pitch!