Description: Exode is a space exploration and colonization game built on the Hive blockchain. The game see players first manage a crew in an attempt to “Evacuate” a space station while under attack. Crew can be assigned to repair your ship, load fuel, load cargo, assist passengers aboard and fend off would be looters and bandits.

An international star fleet may come to your rescue in an attempt to fend of alien attackers who are determined to see your demise by blowing up your ship. If evacuation is successful players continue on to explore space and colonize new planets with the crew, cargo, and passengers that survived the evacuation.

Players are able to purchase, earn, and collect digital assets in the form of NFT’s. Assets are owned and stored securely on the blockchain, players are free to sell and trade their assets at any time.

Release Date: April, 2020

Lead Developer: Elindos Phar

Category: TCG/RTS/Survival