dCity: First Major Update Announced

The Hive blockchains dCity, a city simulator and asset management game, has just announced a massive update to be released in the first week of June 2020. The countdown is on!

This incoming mega update includes Education and Creativity skills to unlock and level up that give you a chance to discover unique in game items like technology cards and unique cosmetic backgrounds. In addition to this the update includes a large number of new cards including Farm, Park, Wind Turbine, Hospital, Hotel, Job Centre, Stadium and more, all providing your city with a unique stats boost.

Probably one of the most highly anticipated additions included in this update is the introdcution of Government and Taxes. Staking SIM tokens gives you voting power in a distributed governance systet that will see a new “President” elected every 2 weeks.

Other noticeable elements of the update include new events such as a science convention, art convention, and WEED fest. We are also seeing the introduction of a new game mechanic known as “Training” which allows players to turn your homeless and immigrant population into workers, artists, and scientists.

Thinking of giving the game a try, pop on over to dCity.io today.