Crypto Brew Master

Crypto Brew Master is a beer brewing and crafting game on the Hive blockchain.

Gather up your supplies and head on over to the brewhouse where you can assemble your ingredients such as water, malts, hops, and yeast and take your best shot at brewing a beer that’s good enough for patrons of the local pub.

Can your brew sell enough to climb your way up the leader board? There’s only one way to find out, get brewing today!

Ultimately Crypto Brew Master is an idle game that sees players earn and collect new ingredients of various quality, craft recipes, and return later to collect the fruits of your labor.

You’ll have access to a beer factory, market place, pub, capital palace, and a beer academy.

The game has now launched to main net and will be available for beta play in the very near future. It’s not known exactly all of the features that will be available upon release but we can see from our high level screen view below that we’ll have access to a Brewery, oddly named a beer factory, a market place, a pub, capital palace, and a beer academy. The later we can safely estimate is where you’ll learn and possibly unlock new and unique crafting recipes.

Crypto Brew Master has an in-game crypto currency known as CBM, a second layer coin built in the Hive-engine side chain. As with most idle games the token can be used for various applications in-game including the speeding up of tasks such as brewing with a “finish now” button costing 100 CBM. CBM token can be purchased and traded here on

The team that brings us Crypto Brew Master on the hive blockchain is also responsible for a real world beer brewing initiative. It was announced on June 24, 2020 that the team is brewing a pale ale with a small batch operation located in Kyiv city suburbs.


Release Date: July 2020

Lead Developer: @rollie1212

Category: Idle | Crafting | Beer